Zebpay spreads its wings to Australia

According to PRNewswire, on May 8, 2019, Zebpay which is the leading cryptocurrency exchange came up with a new way of its product services in Melbourne, Australia. Zebpay was India’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchange as it was the easiest way to buy and sell many cryptocurrencies.

Zebpay played a pioneering role as a crypto exchange in India, till Sept 2018 when it closed down due to regulatory and banking problems. Zebpay has over 131 connections nationwide and adding Australia to its growing list, made it better known worldwide.

Zebpay has over 3 million users across five continents. Coming up with this new product in Australia, enabled crypto users in Australia to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using android app. The app provides a secure wallet that can be used to instantly transfer crypto assets.

It has expanded its connections to Australia. Enabling Australia to withdraw and deposit while trading cryptocurrencies. Australian investors, will have the easiest way to buy and sell, Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple by getting instant support to all their trading enquires within the app.

Using zebpay is cheaper because there’s no additional fee for deposit and withdrawal. It also provides secure wallet that can be used to instantly transfer crypto assets and take extreme measures to ensure the safety of assets stored. It will use the industry leading practice to maintain majority of crypto customers’ offline, offering a seamless mobile trading on the go.

With Mr. Sandeep Khurana, the new Australia Director, Zebpay has grown its connections by establishing a new office in Melbourne. He has  a strategy of coming up with business incubators that uses technology to improve financial services, allowing consumers to have more influence on their financial outcomes in APAC over the last 18 years making the company to grow in its networks.

Mr. Ajeet Khurana, the CEO of Zedpay said that in the beginning of 2019, Zedpay was established in 20 top rank markets in the world. Now they were happy that their connections are growing by adding Australia on their list of crypto-economies. Making the company to prosper.

The reason for them to come up with Zedpay products in Australia is because Australia embraces use of cryptocurrency and is not illegal to use the platform. It also has genuine technology industries, improving their financial services.

Zedpay is a trusted crypto exchange in the world; it’s registered and has a license with AUSTRAC and a member of (ADCA) Australian Digital Commerce association. Zedpay has significant and internal control to ensure data privacy and security leading to transaction of business meaningful in the cryptocurrency exchange.