Zcash Developers Pay Off Rival Fork Creator

Zcash Developers Pay Off Rival Fork Creator

There was a planned hard-fork of the network by a developer who felt like a different version of the network was a better solution. At first the developer was living off developer fees; but this money soon dried up and he was supposedly working for free. The developer Mercer was quoted on a forum as saying:

“Altcoin drama rage quit hard fork, as it were. Pull a bitcoin cash, as it were.”

There is worry blockchain splits of this type can split the communities of coins and cause factions. Users stepped up to the plate it seems and sent 80 ZEC which is about $15,000.  Mercer seemed happy about this:

“People have thrown enough in the kitty for a few months living expenses, so that’s all well and good,”.

Not only did he get his donations, he was on the phone directly with the ZCash developers. His demands it seems were triggered by the market crash, where a big chunk of his money had vanished overnight. This is a warning as to how investing / coding for cryptocurrency can be a volatile endevour.

It has also shown the importance for good developer and community-developer relations in any cryptocurrency project. This would be a wise thing for an investor to research.