Yoshitaka Kitao Inching Closer to His Dream of Making SBI Holdings a Global Firm

The much-anticipated launch date of SBI Holdings new exchange VCTRADE is finally here after the exchanges CEO Yoshitaka Kitao announced the platform would go live on 1st March 2019. On this particular day, many of the Japanese based exchange customers will be linked into the platform and be able to carry out transactions seamlessly and with ease.

According to the CEO’s tweet, traders will be able to seal deals in several currencies starting with the ones already available. Currently, one can withdraw or deposit coins in Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and lastly Bitcoin (BTC). But once the launch is underway, SBI Holding customers will also be able to complete transactions in BCH Bitcoin Cash. Besides the new platform supporting Bitcoin Cash launching of VC Trade will also put an end to the restrictions previously placed on withdrawal of coins. The restrictions were put in place to curb bad vices of trader’s using digital currencies to fund terrorism or launder money.

VC Trade to Support Millions of Traders

Before the March 1st launch was set in motion, SBI Holding was in the process of launching VC Trade exchange in July 2018. But due to its vast customer base, the launch had to be pushed to a later date. Now nothing is holding SBI Holdings back as VC Trade is about to integrate its 1.5 million customers with accounts at SBI FXTRADE and SBI Liquidity. Besides the 1.5 million customers 3.21 million and 4.26 million customers with accounts at SBI Sumishin Net Bank and SBI Securities respectively will be integrated into VC Trade ecosystem. These among other SBI Holdings customers will make up the 23 million expected customers at VC Trade exchange ecosystem and propel SBI Holdings to a global firm. Furthermore, SBI Holding is expecting more customers to join its platform after the new exchange goes live.

Moreover, with SBI Holdings CEO busy onboarding other international crypto companies to its umbrella, the partnerships are acting in its favour and are increasing its overall customer base. Similarly, it’s helping first track the development of the sector hence opening more opportunities for industry players. Besides that SBI Holding CEO Yoshitaka Kitao is striving hard to achieve his dream of making digital coins and the technology behind it understood by many before the 2025 Osaka Expo. Apart from that crypto enthusiasts are already expressing their optimism about the coming launch.