What are the most suitable altcoins for iGaming?

What are the most suitable altcoins for iGaming?

Blockchain technology underpins the emergence of several altcoins in the world of

According to Statista, the global iGaming industry is set to be worth almost $60 billion by the turn of the next decade. Such is little wonder as playing traditional and contemporary casino games online has become a popular pastime for many, with the accessibility and flexibility of being able to play anywhere anytime appealing more than a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino. Another reason why iGaming has become flexible is its acceptance of cryptocurrencies to maximize your online gambling experience. If you can’t afford to buy Bitcoin due to its four- figure value today, you might prefer buying one of the following alternative cryptocurrencies, known as altcoins, that are lower-value but as legitimate and have bright futures.

FunFair Coin

FunFair Coin initially developed in 2017 by a leading tech entrepreneur, Jez San, with the
aim of creating a pioneering blockchain-based cryptocurrency that would provide much-
needed transparency, integrity and flexibility for the iGaming sector. FunFair Coin already
proves to be a hit with iGaming operators and customers alike. For operators, FunFair Coin is
a boon thanks to its blockchain-powered automation, and its smart contract payments system
reduces the need for transaction fees and chargebacks. FunFair Coin also enjoys protection by cryptography, and its peer-to-peer ledger is failure-resistant, ensuring 24/7 uptime for gamers.


HeroCoin is an Ethereum-based altcoin that attempts to change the face of betting and casino
gaming simultaneously. Originally an esports betting platform, HeroCoin also attempts to
disrupt the iGaming industry, too. It has aimed to resolve three of the biggest issues
surrounding the iGaming sector today: unfair odds, poor transparency and minimal social
engagement. With an aim to create a decentralized peer-to-peer online betting platform,
HeroCoin gives punters more opportunities to win, minimized transaction fees and a chance
to play in a credible, decentralized online environment.

Enjin Coin

Another Ethereum-based altcoin looks to make it easier for iGamers and video gamers to
enjoy gaming on platforms with integrity and unrivaled security. The Enjin gaming network
boasts over 19 million active users already, and the Enjin Coin has been developed to provide
an exciting alternative for massively multiplayer online role-playing gamers (MMORPGs) to
purchase in-game virtual items to enhance gameplay. It has also been adopted by developers
of blockchain-based iGaming games and the esports community, with the chance of boosting
engagement and supercharging operators’ marketing efforts.

Wagerr Coin

Wagerr Coin is also battling hard to become the next decentralized cryptocurrency that
revolutionizes the way the world places bets online. Founded upon distributed blockchain

technology, Wagerr Coin is 100 percent decentralized. Every bet placed using Wagerr Coin is
escrowed, verified and then paid out. It improves transparency for sports and iGaming
bettors, with a zero chance of corruption. Transaction fees for those using Wagerr Coin are as
low as 2 percent. The platform utilizes Oracle Masternodes to offer real-time updates to
games and activates pay-outs for Wagerr Coin winners through application-specific smart
contracts. Wagerr Coin was first available to use for online sports wagering in the boxing
match between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin in September 2018. The long-term
roadmap for Wagerr Coin is to offer dynamic wagering, fantasy sports betting and in-play
wagering in 2019.

However, despite the fanfare surrounding these four altcoins in the iGaming sector, it is still
hard for altcoins to beat the anonymity and flexibility of Bitcoin for iGaming action. With no
transaction fees incurred, no tracking of how Bitcoins are spent and rapid deposits and
withdrawals, Bitcoin remains the number one cryptocurrency for iGaming. Bitcoin casinos
also offer the most attractive deposit bonuses for those with Bitcoin, with no legitimate offers
available to those using more niche altcoins to play with as present.

If you regularly use debit cards and credit cards to fund your iGaming accounts, you incur
significant interest rates on a credit card if you don’t repay your deposits in time. When you
deposit Bitcoin for iGaming, you incur minuscule transaction fees that go toward the upkeep
of the Bitcoin blockchain rather than the pockets of iGaming operators. Regarding security
purposes, Bitcoin still rules the roost there, too. You don’t have to give away a single digit of
your sensitive details when depositing with Bitcoin. Only reveal to the iGaming operator how
much Bitcoin you wish to deposit, and your Bitcoin wallet does the rest while keeping the
remainder of your Bitcoin safe and sound.