TRADE.IO – An innovative new blockchain trading platform

TRADE.IO – An innovative new blockchain trading platform

Why was TRADE.IO made?

The lack of transparency as well as change in the current financial system is the main reasons for the creation of TRADE.IO

With the creation of cryptocurrencies, the need for the middle man has disappeared. The financial giants are doing everything in their power to stay relevant but the reality of the matter is that they are not. It is time for the blockchain to take over.

The need for Blockchain

Blockchain is the future as it allows for complete transparency and reliability. It is the ultimate decentralization tool and all the transactions are fully traceable as it features a ledger that records all the transactions.

The blockchain technology does not allow for a single individual or group of individuals to control it. The power is in the hands of the entire network.

TRADE.IO financial institution will make the most of the blockchain technology by utilizing the revolutionary TRADE.IO trading platform and in the process, reduce the waiting time, the fees and all the lacking’s of the current financial system.

In addition to asset trading, it will have a new method of listing commodities and keeping track of them. The ultimate goal is to become more than just a platform for trading crypto assets. The goal is to offer all types of products and it will have more than 120 at its launch.

The value of the Trade Token

The trade token will be used to transfer and store value instantly. It will enable smooth transactions of all the commodities listed.

In addition to this, it will also be used to fuel the liquidity pool and for daily pay-outs.

TRADE.IO will have real-world assets and that gives additional strength to the Trade Token. It will effectively become the only cryptocurrency with real, material value.

The Trade Token is, as the name suggests, a trade token and not a security token as it is the holders can contribute to the pool.

It allows for a lower cost of exchange on TRADE.IO, purchasing of goods and services, a membership to the liquidity pool and overall higher level of benefits.

The uniqueness of the P2P liquidity pool

One of the things that make the TRADE.IO stand out from the crowd is the liquidity pool. Trade Token holders will have the option of contributing a select amount from their e-wallets to the shared P2P pool. Half of the profits (or loses) will be moved from the pool to the participants every day.

The requirement for participation in the liquidity pool is to posses a minimum of 5,000 Trade Tokens.




In order to give everyone an opportunity to become a part of the TRADE.IO family and ICO has been announced. 500 million trade tokens will be issued and two-thirds of those will be made available for the crowdsale.

A PRE-ICO will commencement on November 7th, 2017 and will last until November 25th, 2017.During this time a maximum of 200 million trade tokens will be sold at a price of 200 Trade Tokens for 1 Ether(ETH)

The ICO itself will run from November 28th 00.01 until December 15th 23:59, 2017. 75 000 000 Trade tokens will be available during this time plus the unsold tokens from the PRE-ICO.

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