Three Firms Make an Investment worth $20 Million in KuCoin

Three Firms Make an Investment worth $20 Million in KuCoin

Since its inception in September 2017, KuCoin has done its best to provide the highest quality of services for its over 5 million customers. But now, it can do much more since three firms have made an initial investment of $20 million in its firm. The funds will go a long way in giving KuCoin exchange the power boost to achieve more.

The three firms are Neo Global Capital, Matrix Partners, and IDG Capital. KuCoin exchange has grown steadily since its inception. But now with the funds, the firm can increase its global footprint. Besides the funds, each company brings a set of skills and expertise. To start with Neo’s, it’s at the forefront of making early investments in promising blockchain projects. On the other hand, Matrix brings support and resources into the new partnership while IDG Capital well of knowledge in the marketing sector will come in handy in the marketing KuCoin. All companies are optimistic about the partnership and are looking forward to working with KuCoin.

“To us, this is a dynamic and significant partnership,” Michael Gan KuCoin CEO.” With the combined effort and resources, KuCoin will grow significantly and make its services available on a global scale. Furthermore, we will break down the technical bits of crypt and blockchain industry to enable more people to understand the cryptocurrency industry more.”

Benefits of the Partnership

The emergence and speedily growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has led to the creation of unqualified staff. For KuCoin the funds will come in handy at equipping its Blockchain Training Center which will handle the training of the staff.  Besides that, customer support is an essential department is any company, and although KuCoin has put in place an excellent customer support team, the funds will help increase its support systems to a much higher level.

With the staff in place, KuCoin will channel more funds to breathe life into its 2.0 platform come 2019. Once in place, KuCoin 2.0 will bring forth not only a crypto exchange but also an array of different excellent features for customers. Further on a considerable amount of the funds will go into the research team. Working in collaboration with Global Titan Ambassadors KuCoin will carry out more in-depth research to provide its customers the best and most promising blockchain solutions. Expansion can’t take place without funds and for KuCoin can expand to Spanish speaking countries, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and Vietnam in 2019.