Class Action Suit Combines Previous Cases Filed Against Bitconnect
The recent troubles of BitConnect platform have once again sprouted up massively after a Class Action suit was filed in U.S District Court in Southern District of Florida. This time round BitConnect will have to answers to allegations of running a Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, all the cases previously filed in the court will be consolidated… (0 comment)

OneHasher – Review
Onehasher is a ‘cloud mining’ website which supports CryptoCurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. The site however uses a domain that has privacy on whois, no legitimate business will usually make their WHOIS registration private and in many cases it is against the terms of service of many domain registrars. The images you… (0 comment) – Cloud Mining Ponzi Scheme(updated on 15 Jan)
This article is written about This site proposes itself as a Bitcoin cloud mining website. It allows you to ‘earn’ free BTC (up to 0.0006 per day) and invites you to pay a ‘fee’ to upgrade. Now coming from someone who owns a small mining farm, based on Bitcoin’s current price of $1000, $100… (0 comment)