Purported MapleChange Hack Likely To Be an Exit Scam Strategy
According to experts in the crypto industry, the recent incidence of an alleged bug involving MapleChange exchange in Canada is likely to be an exit scam strategy. Furthermore according to CCN.com MapleChange exchange ceased all operations and deleted all its presence online. Its administrators were long gone after making the following announcement via their Twitter… (0 comment)

Class Action Suit Combines Previous Cases Filed Against Bitconnect
The recent troubles of BitConnect platform have once again sprouted up massively after a Class Action suit was filed in U.S District Court in Southern District of Florida. This time round BitConnect will have to answers to allegations of running a Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, all the cases previously filed in the court will be consolidated… (0 comment)

We have been reading reports that The MyBitcoinGold wallet, at mybtgwallet.com touted to give users their BitcoinGold coins from their BTC private keys has been stealing BTC from these wallets. The wallet is listed on the official BTG site by the official Bitcoin Gold Developers. The Bitcoin Gold launch has been quite shady, given the… (0 comment)