Electricity Providers And Crypto Miners Seek For A Solution To End Their Power Troubles
In the last couple of months, cryptocurrency miners and electricity providers have been involved in a tag of war that has had both parties looking for mutual grounds. Lawmakers and electricity producers started prohibiting crypto mining activities after electricity consumption increased drastically in various regions. Some countries banned completely cryptocurrency mining activities while others have… (0 comment)

OneHasher – Review
Onehasher is a ‘cloud mining’ website which supports CryptoCurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. The site however uses a domain that has privacy on whois, no legitimate business will usually make their WHOIS registration private and in many cases it is against the terms of service of many domain registrars. The images you… (0 comment)

Scrypt Mining – The Next Big Thing?
It seems like in recent weeks Scrypt mining has been gaining a lot of attention. Before the A4 dominator, the last powerful Scrypt machines were the A2 Terminator and the KNC Titan. Both machines are still somewhat profitable and Litecoin which is the main Scrypt coin has had a stable difficulty until the A4 dominators… (0 comment)