Bitcoin Price Increase after crash
It seems like the Bitcoin price over the past few days has been increasing by small increments daily. This appears to be a slow, controlled rise after the massive pump and then price crash. It seems that Bitcoin is gradually gaining support around this price region and it is likely that the price will continue… (0 comment)

Bitcoin price rise settling
It seems like the current rise in the Bitcoin price has begun to settle. The price has been rising sharply throughout December, but seems to have slowed and seems to be hovering around the $880 – $900 USD mark as of the early hours of Christmas day. The sudden price rise, triggered by increased adoption,… (0 comment)

Bitcoin tops the $870 USD mark
Bitcoin seems to be fast approaching the high prices of 2013/2014. The price has peaked at $870 USD as of 23rd December, 2016 and seems to show no signs of stopping or slowing down. The price rise in December seems to have come along with the increase in network hashrate and adoptions such as Bitwage… (0 comment)