Investing in digital currency
Digital currency is one of the hottest investment items of the 21st century. To those who invested in 2009 to 2011 they made big gains, and history has shown its more profitable to buy coins and hold them than mine, in the case of Bitcoin. As digital currency has a capped supply, the more that… (0 comment)

Bitcoin adoption increasing in Nigeria
Bitcoin adoption on the African continent has been steadily increasing, headed by south Africa, and Kenya in particular. They were leaders in this regard, until recent times when Nigerians were seen to have much interest in Bitcoin also. The nigerian Bitcoin Exchange, BitX announced that their wallet application had been downloaded over 100,000 times on… (0 comment)

A new year approaches! Where will bitcoin be in 2017?
This year has been an insane year for Cryptocurrency. As the price rose from $400 – $500 USD a coin to almost double that throughout the year, has shown increasing strength of CryptoCurrency in the world. The Bitcoin block reward halving, which took place as Block 420,000 this year marked a time of reduced incoming… (0 comment)

Bitwage gaining traction in India for payment of wages
Bitwage, a firm designed to enable easy paying of wages in Bitcoin has begun rolling out it’s services to India. It is clear that the Indian government is striving for a cashless society in the phasing out of many notes. The Bitwage platform is accessible to users of the internet, apple and android devices. This… (0 comment)