Three Arrested Over $5 Million Crypto Theft in Bulgaria
It’s yet another time to report about a crypto theft that took place for several months with Bulgaria as the playing ground. According to a press statement from the prosecution office working in conjunction with the ministry of interior, Bulgarian police are holding three people in connection with a $5 million crypto theft. The cryptocurrency… (0 comment)

Etherscan Gets Hacked
  Hacking cases in the cryptocurrency industry are becoming more frequent costing the exchanges hundreds of millions this year alone. Etherscan became the latest hacking victim on Monday after an unknown person hacked its sites. According to reports, the hacker was able to penetrate Etherscan’s system and leave pop-up text that stated: “1337,” decades’ old… (0 comment)

$31 Million Tether CryptoCurrency Hack – Bitcoin Price Stable
There has been a major hack which affected cryptocurrency markets, but only briefly. The Cryptocurrency firm tether, lost $31 million USD worth of it’s own token, USDT. Tether is a proxy for US dollar trades, which is sent between exchanges, including bitfinex, polonex, etc. The Bitcoin price was briefly affected, as price dropped to $7762,… (0 comment)