Purported MapleChange Hack Likely To Be an Exit Scam Strategy
According to experts in the crypto industry, the recent incidence of an alleged bug involving MapleChange exchange in Canada is likely to be an exit scam strategy. Furthermore according to CCN.com MapleChange exchange ceased all operations and deleted all its presence online. Its administrators were long gone after making the following announcement via their Twitter… (0 comment)

Coinbase Custody is now a Limited Purpose Trust Company
After undergoing vigorous tests from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Coinbase Custody is now a chartered Limited Purpose Trust Company. Armed with the license, Coinbase Custody can now operate independently from Coinbase Inc. The latter got the charter from the NYDFS under the New York State Banking Law. Coinbase Custody was a… (0 comment)

US Coinbase Customer Fights IRS
A US Coinbase customer, who is also a lawyer with his own Law firm Berns Weiss, is taking the US IRS to task regarding the release of thousands of Coinbase users’ Data to the IRS. After the IRS realized he was a Coinbase customer, they removed his name from the summons of Coinbase user data… (0 comment)