US Coinbase Customer Fights IRS
A US Coinbase customer, who is also a lawyer with his own Law firm Berns Weiss, is taking the US IRS to task regarding the release of thousands of Coinbase users’ Data to the IRS. After the IRS realized he was a Coinbase customer, they removed his name from the summons of Coinbase user data… (0 comment)

Coinbase hit by class action lawsuit from Cryptsy victims
Coinbase, one of the largest Bitcoin Exchanges and online wallet providers is facing a class action suit from people who lost money when the Cryptsy Exchange failed. This comes after their recent legal battle with the United States IRS. The suit alleges that coinbase aided Cryptsy in stealing the funds by helping them move the… (0 comment)

United States IRS Requests all data for coinbase users
The court system in the United States has recently approved a release of all records pertaining to U.S customers, including transaction data between 2013 and 2015 which are held by coinbase to the IRS (Inland Revenue Service, the tax authority in the United States). This has implications for those who have been trying to avoid… (0 comment)