First Cryptocurrency project in Kenya
In Africa, blockchain technology has been slowly adopted, with South Africa recording the highest number of users in blockchain technology. Kenya has not been left behind in embracing the blockchain technology. The major areas that have shown interest in the technology is in economic and political development. Recently, the chairman of Kenya Independent Electoral and… (0 comment)

Courts Not Prepared To Handle Cryptocurrency Payments
Last week, a federal judge in San Francisco ordered Martin Marish, a cyber-criminal to pay his bail charges using cryptocurrencies. Barely a week down the line and the court has had to change its mind. Marisch was found guilty after he hacked into the EA’s central computer systems and obtained 25,000 customer records. The information… (0 comment)

Bitcoin adoption increasing in Nigeria
Bitcoin adoption on the African continent has been steadily increasing, headed by south Africa, and Kenya in particular. They were leaders in this regard, until recent times when Nigerians were seen to have much interest in Bitcoin also. The nigerian Bitcoin Exchange, BitX announced that their wallet application had been downloaded over 100,000 times on… (0 comment)

BREAKING: Lightning Network Alpha Released
It has happened. The first release of the Lightning Network in alpha stages has been released. This comes at a time when Litecoin has released their latest version which includes the soft fork for SegWit (Segregated Witness) with signalling starting on January 28. F2Pool, which carries around half the Litecoin hashing power is supporting segregated… (0 comment)