Sovereignwallet Adds a New Feature on Its Platform

Sovereignwallet Adds a New Feature on Its Platform


Crypto enthusiasts who would love to make quick, safe and secure transactions via mobile devices have something to smile about after SovereignWallet announced the introduction of its new feature M-DEX.

Through the use of atomic swap technology, M-DEX will make transactions faster and much safer compared to other platforms. Furthermore, through atomic swap technology, users will be able to make direct transfers of different virtual currency.

M-DEX is a free-custody mobile exchange which is suitable for making crypto transactions via mobile devices. In addition to the above M-DEX exchange comes with fixed rates. Although its implementation will take place come January 2019, it will be a game changer in the crypto industry especially on mobile exchanges.

Additional Features

Besides making transactions quicker and safer M-DEX also comes with additional features which come in handy when trading. To be able to offer a custody free platform, M-DEX employs the use of an MUI trading bot. The bot is integrated into M-DEX to facilitate a custody free platform which provides users with fixed rates. MUI bot work is to scout the network while carrying out an analysis of the latest trends and market actions. Through the latest trades and market actions, traders can avoid high fund risks and fees.

For security purposes, transactions on SovereignWallet will be done without the authorization of the third user. At SovereignWallet users will be the only private key holders. Through the latter aspect, users can trade directly with other traders. Furthermore, through the eradication of third-party key holders, the platform is more secure making SovereignWallet the most secure mobile cryptocurrency trading platform.

Besides all the above through SovereignWallet making transactions is quite easy. The exchange is integrated with its online wallet making transferring of coins equal to sending a text. Furthermore, according to its developers, SovereignWallet is backed by MUI Token its cryptocurrency. In addition to that, MUI token values are protected by a special tool Algorithm central bank. Through the special tool, MUI tokens supply is automatically adjusted when a sale goes through. Similarly, the special tool prevents any error or fraud when any users purchase the tokens.

As you get your funds ready to own a piece of the tokens, the exchange has added ten more coins. They include the following OmiseGo (OMG), Ox Protocol (ZRX), and AirSWAP (AST). Apart from the 10, the exchange will add more virtual currency. The last ICO kicked off on November 1.