South African Cricket Board Twitter Account Hacked

At 4:20 AM Indian Time Zone the twitter account of the South African Cricket board was at the center of a scheme to fleece South Africans of their BTC by hackers. After taking over control of the South African Cricket twitter account, the hackers tried to lure South Africans to participate in a bitcoin lottery.

Through the following tweet “@OfficialCSA is partnering with@lunomoney for the first South African Bitcoin Lottery. To stand a chance to win over 20BTC send 0.01 BTC to 13My18T92DCzGdrtiCgRuS32T6rFLjnG56, and your wallet address will be entered into the lottery for the 20BTC.” With that, the hacker had set the web to fleece crypto enthusiasts in South Africa looking to become millionaires overnight. 20BTC amounts to more than R1million in local fiat currency and targeting a sport followed by many the hacker’s web was in place at the right place. Further on, the hacker closed his tweeting session with date and time of entering the lottery with participates urged to join the lottery by 15th January before 10 PM. Besides the above, there were more tweets until 9 AM.

ICC Acted Quickly

After noting their account was compromised ICC the World Crocket body acted quickly and notified its users through a tweet asking users to stay away from its Twitter account. Furthermore, users were urged not to click on any links within its wall. Security measures in place were enacted and the security department came in place to rectify the issue. Immediately after the ICC tweet, the Digital Content Manager Alistair Hogg tweeted

“Our account was hacked overnight, but we have already reached out to Twitter to regain control of our account.”

By 11:23 AM IST Cricket South Africa was back in control and informed the masses through a tweet. “We are back apologies to our lovely fans. Hackers took control of our official twitter account overnight but thanks to our friends @ICC we are back in control. And are ready to entertain you with the events of the Day 4 of Test cricket.”

With the hacking incidence aside, things are back to normal, and the South African cricket team will have to show their prowess on Monday in the third test, as they play against Pakistan in Johannesburg. Furthermore, Pakistan got into the fourth day playing but to win, they need 228 runs. On the other hand for a clean sweep Proteas must get seven wickets.