Sony Teams Up With Fujitsu to Work on a Blockchain Solution for Education Sector

Over the years Japan has been the center of attraction for students from across the globe seeking to study in its universities. However, for them to be able to study in Japan, they must fulfill some requirements. One of the major requirements is to take a course to learn the native language or pass a Japanese language proficiency task. For these test, students turn to languages schools teaching Japanese based in their resident countries. Through learning the language, it’s easy for the students to interact with locals while in Japan and also be able to integrate with the locals with ease. The documents are then submitted to the Japanese Immigration Bureau by the Japanese schools overseas through their schools based in Japan. A passed test means you get legal papers to study and live in Japan.

However, in the cause of getting these documents, some turn to fabricators who craft up fake language proficiency tests that grant holders leeway to acquire legal documents. The use of counterfeit documents has been in the rise, and it’s causing problems to the administrators. To stem this vice once and for all Sony has teamed up with Fujitsu to develop a blockchain solution for this sector. Through Sony Global Education Inc. coupled together with the online learning system from Fujitsu fake documents will be a thing of the past. The blockchain solution will be used to store the data in this case the certificates issued. The algorithm in the blockchain solution and the interlinking of the computers is secure enough to ascertain the authenticity of the certificates issued to the students. Furthermore, through blockchain cases like the one that occurred in 2018 and uncovered a local Vietnam broker fabricating documents will never happen again.

Trials are Underway

At the moment a blockchain solution is already in the works and starting tomorrow the 28th of February 2019 it will be put to the test. The blockchain solution will be implemented in the systems of Human Academy Co which runs a Japanese language school and has a presence in Saga, Osaka, and Tokyo. Through the test run, developers over at Fujitsu and Sony will be looking out at faults and challenges that will come out from the blockchain solution being used. While blockchain is helping in streamlining other industries, in this case, its primary goal is to prevent forgery.