SmartBillions – Making money easily with decentralized lottery

SmartBillions – Making money easily with decentralized lottery

SmartBillions represent a fully transparent, decentralized lottery for Ethereum. Players have the chance to win significant ETH which can be easily transformed to real money afterwards and which could actually make them millionaires or even billionaires. Sounds like a dream come true, but this is exactly what SmartBillions offers. Moreover, they also feature a Hackathon contest with a prize of 1500ETH (approx. 500,000usd). The contest requires no investment and can be accessed right now on their website for those who have the adequate programming knowledge.

Key highlights

  • The lottery is enabled by a completely free keen contract filling in as a self-changing administrative guarantor. The entire process is hung on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Full straightforwardness and security because of the shrewd contract’s disposal of any outsider contribution in the lottery procedure and administration of assets.
  • Absence of joint necessities give full namelessness moment Ticket buy capacities.
    Most elevated beginning Jackpot chances among online lotteries with an extraordinary wins structure not constrained to the Jackpot esteem
  • Close prompt wager situation (under 1 minute), comes about (roughly 60 seconds) and win payout (moment).


SmartBillions represents the principal completely decentralized and straightforward lottery oversaw by a shrewd contract on the Ethereum framework. All wagers and results are open and recorded in the Ethereum blockchain without anyone’s intercession. Just 0.25% of the lottery assets will be accessible outside the brilliant contract operations.

The SmartBillions token deal occasion (“ICO”) plans to raise at least 200,000 ETH. 90% of the assets will be apportioned to the Jackpot Prize. The rest of the assets will be apportioned to promoting efforts.

SmartBillions (PLAY) tokens will get month to month profits beginning with the main month after the token deal occasion terminates. The yearly benefit rate is ascertained at more than 30%.
Token proprietors have a progressive benefit offering apparatus to ensured venture assurance. PLAY tokens can be sold whenever and the venture exchanged whenever if the financial specialist wants to do so.

The progressive component of the SmartBillions ‘Smart Contract’ on Ethereum features the following:

– The lottery is completely worked by a free shrewd contract. The entire procedure will be distributed in the Ethereum blockchain.
– Raising support for the PLAY token intends to build up the biggest Jackpot of every single online lottery (w. 180,000 ETH), yet the payout structure isn’t restricted to the Jackpot esteem.
– Add up to straightforwardness and security through the way that working with a brilliant arrangement takes out the requirement for mediation in support administration. These will be overseen only from the brilliant contract.
– Add up to secrecy without the requirement for login or record to partake in the lottery.
– No requirement for beginning stores – simply coordinate ticket installment from players’ advanced wallets.
– Secured installments, on the spot and unknown after every lottery extraction.
– Put down wagers in a flash (maximum 1 minute), with round bouts and payouts.

SmartBillions ICO begins on the date of 16/10/2017.


Token PLAY with SmartBillions have the accompanying one of a kind and progressive highlights:

* The SmartBillions ‘Smart Contract’ is finished and tried out. The item is prepared to dispatch in organization with numerous different items that are simply in the improvement arrange.
* 90% of the assets raised will be exchanged to the Lottery Jackpot.
* Applicants at the raising money occasion will get around 80% of the aggregate Token.
* In the first place offer of token with ensured insurance for the speculator who can pull back his venture. Token PLAY can be ended up whenever with full recuperation of the speculation. This open door has never been offered so far in any ICO (beginning cash offer).
* Month to month Dividends from ticket deals.
* An operational market item that diminishes venture hazard and offers prompt potential for progress and long haul venture bolster.
* A shrewd, chance free, high-security contract demonstrated through a hackathon occasion (hackathon grant: 1500 ETH that was given by SmartBillions engineers to approve framework security).

Some of important links

Website :- http://smartbillions.com/

ICO     :- http://smartbillions.com/ico.html

Hackathon   :- http://smartbillions.com/hackathon.html

Affiliate    :- http://smartbillions.com/affiliate.html

Facebook  :- https://facebook.com/smartbns/

Twitter   :- http://twitter.com/smartbns/

Slack  :- https://smartbillions.slack.com/

Telegram   :- https://t.me/SmartBillions

Github :- https://github.com/SmartBillions/SmartBillions/blob/master/SmartBillions.sol

Whitepaper :- http://smartbillions.com/docs/SmartBillions_Smartpaper.pdf?

SmartBillions gives a fair chance for everyone to get rich. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to check out their website which guarantees fairness and security of funds.