Shift Card Coming To an End

In the past few two days, social media users over at Reddit have been having serious discussions cornering the closure of Shift Card. Per the email sent to cardholders of Shift Card Coinbase exchange debit card partner will be shutting down their services altogether. From the email, Shift card holders have until the 11 of April 2019 to use their cards before everything comes to a halt. While Shift didn’t provide any reason for the closure, they reassured their cardholders they can still use their cards up until 11th of April. Apart from that, cardholders are free to forward their queries to the service provider for answers.

In 2015 Coinbase customers were happy after their exchange signed a partnership with Shift Payment to facilitate the issuance of the cards. Through the cards, users could easily access their funds over at Coinbase exchange load up their debit cards and pay for any goods or services. But now they will have to content with Shift Payment closing down come April 11th. Although many users express their distress with the payment platform closing down, they couldn’t hold back on expressing themselves on potential reasons that led to the closure.

Reddit Users Discussions Revolving Around the Closure

While the card faced some issues in 2018, coming from the WaveCrest Shift didn’t mention this as a reason making it close down. The WaveCrest led to services from Wirex, TenX, Bitwala, and CryptoPay getting affected after VISA suspended several credit cards used by crypto enthusiasts. But on Reddit, some users attributed the closure to Shift having a low customer base while others blamed the recent hiking of fees by MasterCard and VISA as the main reason. Coincidentally the hiking of fees will come into effect on April same month everything will come to an end over at Shift Payment.

On the other hand, other users were suggesting alternatives to users affected by Shift closure. Some of the users were directed to use Minepay, Bitwala or Monaco services. However, some user’s comments were on how good Shift cards were to them, and it’s a shame it’s all coming to an end. Through Shift cards, Coinbase customers were able to directly access their coins over at the exchange and convert them into liquid cash for use. Alongside the card Shift Payment had an app available for users to view their account balances and transactions.