Selling Drugs on Darknet Leads to the Arrest of Nine People

Per information on South Korean news outlet the Korea Herald, the South Korean police have arrested nine drug dealers who sold drugs on the darknet. According to the office of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors, the nine are aged between 20 and 30.

To facilitate the payment of the drugs the drug dealers accepted money via DarkCoin. The latter is a privacy-focused virtual currency coin which comes with high anonymity features. Through digital currency coupled with the high level of encryption on the darknet, the drug dealers were able to stay away from the police radar. For communication, the drug dealers used encoded messages. But eventual the police were able to pull down their website and arrest the nine. Among those arrested is the website programmer and administrator known as Shin.

Drugs Sold

At Shin’s site cannabis users had a lot of it available and at their disposal since Shin and his counterparts not only sold marijuana but also grew the drug. Apart from selling marijuana Shin also smoked pot. And since it’s illegal to smoke marijuana in South Korea Shin will likely face additional charges for smoking marijuana. Apart from marijuana Shin and his counterparts also sold self-made hashish. In addition to cannabis and hashish psychoactive drugs, MDMA and LSD smuggled into South Korea was also available at the darknet website.

Money Made

From their illegal activities, the nine were able to make $88,700 which is 100 million won, and prospectors are looking to lock the latter amount. From a mere 636 members, the drug dealers were able to make the above amount. Drugs trafficked were worth 7,000 to 9,000 US dollars which translates to 8-10 million won. The drug dealers were active from March to November, and according to prosecutors, 50 drug sales were recorded.

After making the bust, the South Korean police pulled down the site on the darknet. Pulling down of the above website from the darknet is a first one in South Korean but marks the beginning of a mile storm in South Korea. Although the high anonymity nature of cryptocurrencies gives criminals an opportunity to receive payments the police are catching up on the criminals. Besides that the pulling down of a Shin’s site from the highly encrypted darknet shows the police are more than capable of handling these cases. Besides drugs, the darknet also enables criminals to sell weapons and transfer illicit materials.