Rhode Island Looking Forward To Embrace Blockchain

Recently the state Government of Rhode Island discovers the need of the blockchain technology.  The government has therefore issued a new request for proposals to discuss the viability details of blockchain technology.  These, therefore, facilitate the removal of certain security lows that were made for blockchain businesses.

The overseas government inspired the adoption of blockchain by Rhode Island since blockchain has positively impacted their states. As Liz Tanner, the Director of the Department of Business Regulation in Rhode Island shows faith in the blockchain business. She believes blockchain represents the modernization of government and at the same time it will promote bureaucratic efficiency in the states.

This is because Blockchain is a peer-to-peer ledger system that makes it possible for one to see other users’ entries keyed-in-items such as phones, laptops, and computers.  Blockchain also creates strict high-level security, high-level storage, and transparency.

As the memo issuing the Request For Proposal clearly states that “Suggested area of application …include antifraud, contracts, medical marijuana, records, notarization, registration and licensing, investigative evidence control and more.”  This is to inform any state that, the RFP is not only after a particular answer to a specific problem, but is also considering the prospect of the emerging blockchain technology.

“This long list of possible applications is meant to entice more bidders, all of whom are required to submit two proofs of concept for blockchain application.”  This was addressed to the Government Technology by Brenna McCabe, Director of public affairs for the Department of Administration in Rhode Island.

She thereby added that.  “State officials did not want to stifle the ingenuity of the industry by limiting the scope of the RFP and that the Government Technology admires how the states overseas work is being done faster and efficiency by the help of Blockchain technology and that Rhode Island is likely to follow the same path starting by issuing the RFP.”

Therefore, Rhode Island is among the many countries and stated that are trying to make it easier to do business.  McCabe finds the need to address the matter to Government Technology.  She went ahead and sent an Email saying, “In our research, we have seen the use of blockchain technology be introduced and utilized internationally.  We’d like to be the first state in the country open to the possibilities of what has happened across the world.”

The RFT states that the technical evaluation committee composed of staff from various state agencies will review the proposal.  The initial contract period is estimated to begin August.13 for a period determined by the winning bid(s).

McCabe said that officials are more interested in the proofs of concepts that will be gleaned from submissions.  “There are a lot of variables here, and we’re leaving it open to ensure that we can gain insight into how this new technology can help the state and our customers: Rhode Island taxpayers.” She added that “We see a lot of potentials, but until we can dig into these proofs of concept, we can’t determine what kind of project would be palatable in the future or how we would implement it.”

 In a release, Bijay Kumar the Chief Information Officer said that RFP will give the state a chance to explore and came up with the best methods that might be applicable and how the RFP will benefit the needs of the department listed.

 Kumar also expressed himself by adding, “I am excited to see the possibilities and to learn more about how this new technology is helping other public and private entities reach new levels of innovation in business, security, and other areas,”

Reportedly, for the Rhode Island to have the permission to use blockchain, some changes will be required since regulations and licensing structures anticipate problems resulted from laws that only the states leaders are aware of what needs to be tackled once the proposals are reviewed.