A new website that is spreading crytocurrency malware was recently discovered by Fumiko0_ , a malware researcher and twitter user. Reportedly, the malware was able to spread because it managed to make itself look like the cryptohopper website,   a site that gives users program tools to perform automatic cryptocurrency trading. Cryptohopper is one of the… (0 comment)

Within the last four months, Hackers were able to infect over 50,000 servers using a unique mining malware system. The malware system was previously used to mine for Turtlecoin as one of the cryptojacking campaign known as “Nansh0u Camaign”. According to research done by  Guardicore Labs a cybersecurity firms, the campaign was detected around early… (0 comment)

As part of its initiative to transform its sector from being paper-based to online systems, the executive arm of the Dubai government dealing with land has signed a working memorandum with UAE Mashreq bank to launch a new system based on blockchain technology. The blockchain system will be deployed to handle the issuance of mortgages… (0 comment)