The city of Seoul in South Korea recently announced that it has set aside ₩50 billion to invest in mid-sized venture companies through the Fourth Industrial Revolution Fund.  According to reports, this investment is intended at liberating Seoul workers from automatize tasks, setting them free so that they can concentrate on more complex business issues… (0 comment)

Recently the state Government of Rhode Island discovers the need of the blockchain technology.  The government has therefore issued a new request for proposals to discuss the viability details of blockchain technology.  These, therefore, facilitate the removal of certain security lows that were made for blockchain businesses. The overseas government inspired the adoption of blockchain… (0 comment)

With an aim of increasing tourist flow to Yurga and promoting the tourism sector in the Russian region, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug will be launching a Blockchain-enabled tourism platform. Reportedly, the General Director of the development fund in the region, Roman Genkel, signed a cooperate agreement with the CEO of the blockchain Startup Universa company,… (0 comment)