Bet against real people on
When you think about betting in this bitcoin world you mainly bet against some brainless computers which hash the nonce to get secret bla, bla . But on you can bet against real anonymous users. No, no you dont have to go to fishing. Here are two fishes, Red and Green , the fish… (5 comments)

satoshimines:a fun way to gamble bitcoins
A bitcoin minesweeper game a fun way to play with your bitcoins.Land safely and beware of the landmines – this is the main goal.Just avoid the mines,land safely and earn bitcoins.A very addictive game that gives a different gambling experience. Provably Fair It is a provably fair game.satoshimines provides a game hash at the beginning of each… (0 comment)

Bet your luck on PrimeDice
Some persons prefer luck over other thing in the world of bettting. That’s why PrimeDice came into existence in May 2013. You just have to choose a number, above or below, then pace bet.The house edge is just 1%. It was one of the first bitcoin gambling website that was accepted by users. From then… (14 comments)

Secondstrade – double bitcoin in seconds
In the last post we discussed about betting on sports anonymously via In this post we are going to discuss about betting on financial market anonymously via SecondsTrade provides Binary options on major Forex pairs, BTC/USD , Gold, Silver, major Index, Oil, and provably fair Odd-Even game. Binary option means that you have… (1 comment)