Not Guilty Jaravijit Siblings Plead

Not Guilty Jaravijit Siblings Plead

On Wednesday the Criminal Courts in Bangkok were busy handling the proceedings of the court case involving the Jiravijit siblings. During the proceedings, Supitcha and Jiratpisit alongside their elder brother Prinya Javavijit were given a chance to state their pleas against the money laundering charges they were facing. In the end, they pleaded not guilty.

Besides the three that were before the court prosecutors are further accusing six more people who were working in cohort with the Jiravijit siblings. Although Ms Supitcha and his brother Jiravijit were arrested on August, they are out on a cash bail of 2 million baht. On the other hand, their brother isn’t lucky. The Thailand embassy revoked his passport while he was still in the US, making him unable to fly back to Bangkok. Later on, he was able to travel back to Bangkok. But upon his arrival, he was arrested and is currently being held at Bangkok Remand Prison.

Businessman Fleeced

All the accused above are the masterminds of a ring of scammers who convinced Mr Saarima a 21-year-old Finnish to invest in three companies. Mr Saarima then wired 5,000 BTC to the accused for purchasing shares in Expay Software CO and DNA 2002 Co. In addition to the shares, some of the cash was to be invested in Dragon Coin cryptocurrency from NX Chain Inc. At the time of closing the deal, Mr Saarima 5,000 BTC was worth $24 million. The deal was made between June and December 2017.

Instead of making the investments in the companies, the accused sold the BTC and transferred cash into their accounts. From the 5,000BTC they were able to get 797.41 million baht. With the cash, 27-year-old Jiravijit bought huge parcels of land at 43 million baht in Chatuchak district in Bangkok. On the other hand, his elder brother Prinya bought land in Nonthaburi province, Din Daeng districts and Chatuchak district in Bangkok. In total, Prinya spent 124 million baht to buy seven blocks of land. Later on, on December 6 their sister Supitcha paid 8.5 million baht to process sale registration of six parcels of land with a right of repurchase in Chatuchak district.

Although Mr Saarima isn’t pressing charges against the accused, the Thai law enforcement in pushing on with the case. After getting his funds back, he decided not to proceed with the case. For the Thai government, they will be back on December 24 to examine the witness list and evidence.