NETELLER Users Can Now Trade In Cryptocurrency

NETELLER Users Can Now Trade In Cryptocurrency

Digital wallet users of NETELLER have something to smile about after Paysafe Group added a new feature that enables them to trade in cryptocurrency. Through the in wallet feature consumers can buy, sell or hold cryptocurrency in their NETELLER wallets. Besides NETELLER Skrill users are already using the in feature to trade in cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency services were launched in July.

At the moment the crypto services are available in 10 countries. But with NETELLER being a digital wallet the services will be made available in more countries. Furthermore, the crypto service will be made available in the NETELLER mobile app. The supported virtual currencies are Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and lastly Bitcoin. Through the five cryptocurrencies, NETELLER users can buy, sell and even hold digital currencies using 28 fiat currencies available on the platform. They include Colombian pesos, Russian rubles, Mexican pesos, Indian rupee, Canadian dollars, US dollars, Australian dollars, Japanese yen, Euro, and Brazilian reals. With all the above fiat currencies available NETELLER users have several channels to transfer funds into their accounts. They include local bank deposit, Paysafecard, Epay and Pay by Mobile. Alternatively, users can fund their NETELLER wallets via online banks such as Nordea, Itau, HSBC, and Banco do Brasil.

Fees Charged

During account creation, each NETELLER wallet user chooses a default fiat currency for use. For those whose default fiat currency is USD, or EUR NETELLER will charge them 1.5% for buying or selling virtual currency. On the other hand, other NETELLER wallet users with other currencies as their default their fees will go up to 3 percent.

From the fees let’s look at the minimum amount of money one needs to carry out any cryptocurrency transactions. At NETELLER the minimum amount required for purchasing or selling any crypto is approximately 10 EUR. With such a low figure any crypto enthusiast can easily make a trade. For the maximum amount, it goes hand in hand with the transaction limit in each account.

While commenting on the new services Skrill, NETELLER and Income Access CEO Lorenzo Pellegrino said;

“The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency industry has been influenced by the huge investments been made in technology and as cryptocurrency usage increases we are strengthening our presence in the industry. As a digital finance leader, we are bridging the gap between traditional currency and virtual currency through our services.”