Narbonne put the concept of banking and crypto currency together

Narbonne put the concept of banking and crypto currency together

About Narbonne

When you think of putting the concept of banking and crypto currency together, Narbonne comes forward as a decentralized bank using crypto currency as its focal point. Experts believe that the decentralization will help the global market come into terms with a common form of crypto currency.

The Narbonne marketplace allows its customers to lend money to individuals, companies and other platforms on their own terms. The set of theories, statistics and formulas used by Narbonne works together to provide you with the best platform and a global understanding of lending. Besides debit cards, the bank provides numerous other services to their customers like Crypto currency deposits and settlement accounts for businesses.
Narbonne is fully focused on achieving the status of an automated bank by using robots and voice recognition systems. The bank takes pride in their technology which helps banking easier as well as safer. The technology consists of “NICcore”, which is makes both micro and mortgage lending easier according to data from the global finance market. To make their customers feel more secure and to make its system impregnable, an anti-fraud system known as “OLAF” has also been put into place.
The system guards the banks against the clients that fake identification data and also prevents the device from connecting to its servers again. The interesting feature in Narbonne’s banking is that in addition to issuing the NCC token shares, its policy forces it to accept NCC deposits for loan repayments as well. Narbonne is trying its utmost to provide the 2.5 billion people who have no access to banking, a remote system that will help them grasp the use of net-banking.

The team


The team behind the project comprises of the
CEO, Maxim Elsner, a Microsoft Research award recipient who also laid the foundations for AFCOM.TECH. Before founding AFCOM, Maxim led the department of trade operations as director at ANG capital. Maxim also works as a consultant for a number of finance institutions around the world.
The COO, Garcia Y. Maria is PhD in finance as well as the brains behind Narbonne’s data based lending model. The model uses data and statistics to facilitate online peer to peer, peer to business, and business to business lending a reality.
The chief technology officer is an experienced mathematics major who has been leading technology teams for over 15 years. A former employee of Microsoft Azure, Vastily Nesterov has helped in creating and designing several lending programs throughout his career.
Nesterov’steam of developers hasthe experience of developing software for 40 companies on their resume.

ICO Details

Narbonne will issue a total supply of 1000,000,000 tokens. The remaining tokens after the deadline will be terminated. Narbonne’s ICO structure focuses on the user hence granting 51% of the total distribution to the user, with 35% going to lending institutions, 7% to the founders, 3% to the bounty campaign and early investors each and the remaining 1% of the total shares allocates to its advisors. The ICO bonuses include a four week gap from the start dates. The bonuses start at +25% on the first day and declines gradually as it reaches week four to +5%. The bank has also announced pre-ICO bonuses starting at +40%.

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