Medical Imagining Sector to Get Its First Blockchain Solutions

Through a partnership bringing together three firms Medical Diagnostics Web (MDW), Longenesis and Bitfury Group the imaging sector in the health care industry will get a taste of blockchain technology. MDW is a powerhouse in the radiology department whose aim is to explore new opportunities brought forth by blockchain technology and open up the sector to benefit stakeholders and business partners.

And through this new partnership, MDW will hack the sector to bring together experts in the field and provide them with a taper proof solution for sharing data. Through a blockchain solution sharing diagnostics data, medical imaging, maintaining and securing the said data will be easy. Furthermore, each partner is bringing in extensive knowledge into the development. Longenesis expertise in blockchain and AI will come in handy at integrating the different platforms altogether. Bitfury will work on making the services available on blockchain while MDW expertise in the imaging department will put everything together.

Advantages of a Blockchain Solution

First and foremost the blockchain solution will help streamline the sector bringing transparency and link every medical practitioner in the radiology department into one seamless ecosystem. Furthermore not only will the practitioners be linked but also the facilities providing imaging services. Through the ecosystem sharing of CT scans or X-rays will be by the touch of a button. Moreover getting interpretations for the scans will be quick hence patients will get a proper diagnosis. On security matters and patient confidentiality hosting the solution on Bitfury blockchain solution takes care of everything. Bitfury’s Exonum comes with anchor nodes installed to validate every transaction and prevent leakages.

On the other hand, Longenesis expertise will come in to ensure data is recorded transparently on the ecosystem. Additionally, Longenesis technology will come in hand at granting access to only authorized users who have clear passes while adhering to regulations put in place by GDPR and HIPAA. Besides all the above MDW audit algorithms will ensure the systems are taper proof and further increase patient confidently in the medical sector. Apart from just providing a bulletproof ecosystem for the radiology departments in the health industry the solution end games is to enhance service delivery and help save more lives. Similarly, the blockchain solution will get rid of setbacks currently being experienced with the brick and mortar system in place. The partnership was announced during the 2019 HiMSS Global Conference & Exhibition.