Jolyy Review – Blockchain Solution for Beauty Services


Jolyy is a Blockchain solution for Beauty Services. Jolyy is an online beauty booking platform that they are intending to create using blockchain technology.

How it works

Jolyy is intended to be an application to link beauty service providers with their customers. They intend to only charge a 1% commission fee, much cheaper than the industry standard. They also intend to link beauty experts to cosmetics provider companies via the platform.

They will process payments from the customer to the provider instantly via P2P payments. Payments will be processed via P2P networks and as such, no bank fees, which are a significant problem in any kind of business, and in fact eat into a large amount of profit. The Jolyy application aims to rectify this problem, as described in their whitepaper.

The system is intended to have a rating system for services providers such as salons, which the users can leave based on the services provided.  The aim is to have users search for beauty services in their area, and be able to see which timeslots for appointments are available, and book. Service providers are able to manage their own profiles.

This will also enable small freelance hairdressers to get business without paying through the nose advertising fees which often outweigh their profits.

They also aim to embed a social network with the application.

Joy Tokens

Joy Tokens are intended to be added to cryptocurrency exchanges during Q1 2018. They aim to burn all unsold tokens. It does not say what network

Current State

You can use the current jolyy services at their main website. The current blockchain implementation does not yet seem mature, but it is a promising development from an already established business. They do not say what network their token uses, or if it is using a whole new blockchain platform. The whitepaper is not clear about this and there are currently no working implementations to test.

The current token distribution is hard to establish, but is shown on their website below:


This is a novel platform, proposed by an already established business in the cosmetics industry. The implementation is not yet completed, but they are aiming to go global, they seem to have ambition and a solid plan, although it looks like they are a bit behind on their Roadmap. This looks like a trustworthy investment overall and is proposed by an established business in the beauty field, but as always only invest what you can afford to lose, invest responsibly!