Japanese Sharing Energy Partners with Power Ledger Utilize its Blockchain Solution

Power ledger blockchain distributed ledge is catching the eye of many firms in the energy industry and this time around it’s in Japan. Through Sharing Energy a renewable energy firm based in Japan Power Ledger will increase its presence in the Japanese country. The two firms have partnered to work together with the former utilizing Power ledger blockchain solution to track energy consumption.

Besides Power ledger solution coming in to take care of the tracking needs off its partner’s customers the deal will also see the two companies spearhead installation of rooftop solar. With Power ledger blockchain ledger already in place, the two firm’s goal is to increase clean energy usage from a mere 100 to 55000 by 2020. Apart from Power ledger’s distributed blockchain solution been used to track consumption of renewable energy it will also be used to monetize production and usage of solar energy. The partnership will also help Japan reduce its overall consumption of fossil fuels and increase its usage on clean energy.

Power Ledger Spearheading Clean Energy Adoption

Partnerships are a great way of increasing your presence globally while at the same time achieve your goal. For Power Ledger partnerships have enabled it to reach other markets worldwide. Apart from working with Sharing Energy in Japan Power Ledger is also working with Kansai Electric Power Company. With their primary goal being to increase the distribution of excess renewable energy generated by solar users. Kansai Electric Power Company is the biggest privately owned renewable energy retailer in Japan. From the Asian country Power Ledger moved to the US and formed a partnership with Helpanswers a nonprofit firm based in the US. From working with Helpanswers Power Ledger signed a memorandum of understanding to work with Silicon Valley Power in Silicon Valley. In the tech valley, Power ledger blockchain ledger will be used to track the usage of clean energy in electric cars. Besides all the above partnerships Power Ledger is also working with BCPG a renewable energy firm backed by the Thai government.

Although Power Ledger is based in Perth Australia, its partnerships have increased its global footprint making it a leading firm in the renewable energy sector. Furthermore, it also made a name for itself after raising $27 million from an ICO in Australia. Through its partnerships, solar energy will be made available to everyone regardless of their location.