Improved smartphones for cryptocurrency owners

Improved smartphones for cryptocurrency owners

For peer-to-peer bitcoin and other crypto payments, there is an obvious expectation of shift on how the larger android market users are going to use their phones. There is a possibility that one day, our phones will become always on nodes for Bitcoins lighting network, routing peer to peer payments between and among people we have never met across the globe.

Bitpie for instance has built in exchange functionality for managing your cypto investment account, and Coinomi supports a variety of altcoins.

Coming in at a rapid rate is the HTC Exodus Company which announced in mid May that it will be the first smartphone from a major brand that specializes in blockchain encryption which is the technology behind the secure trade of digital tokens such as bitcoin.

In addition, android smartphone rivals such as Huawei and Lenovo are already toying with their own digital currency phone ideas says Bryan Ma, device research VD with market research firm IDC in Singapore.

A phone company website early June dedicated to the new model said the device will allow “interoperability” between blockchains and come with a “hardware stack” that will connect to multiple cryptocurrency wallets. “Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security. The website says, “With the release of HTC’s Exodus, we can now make this a reality”

HTC’s blockchain phone has already received “tens of thousands of reservations globally,” Phil Chen, the chief Crypto officer at HTC said in an interview during the Rise conference in Hong Kong.

Apart from the rising interest from HTC Exodus, is Israel Company that has reported to release the Finnery, another made for crypto devices in November. According to presentations by Moshe Hogeg, siren labs CEO, the finery will act like an in phone reserve currency, allowing users to convert between whatever token is required to whatever decentralized app they are trying to use.

Sirin was able to raise more than 100 million Euros in an initial coin offering for the android based Finnery smartphone and PC. Both will run Sirin’s open source operating system, SIRIN OS.

“Blockchain technology won’t cross over to the mainstream until the user experience is fixed. Our successful crowd funding provides us the resources to solve such issues and bring to market a safer and simple experience for mass market adoption.” Sirin CEO Moshe Hogey said in a statement.