Impersonator breaks into Elon Musk’s twitter account with an aim of reaping Bitcoin and Etherum

Impersonator breaks into Elon Musk’s twitter account with an aim of reaping Bitcoin and Etherum

In New Delhi, an impersonator broke into Elon Musk’s twitter account on Thursday with a fake lookalike verified account. As if the faking was not enough, the impersonator with guts went ahead twitting on promises to his now 22.5 million followers free bitcoin and etherum cryptocurrencies as if to pull attention.

With a serpents tongue, the impersonator was asking Elons followers to trade and gain in both the bitcoin and the etherum. “As many of you know by now, we will be making Tesla a private company. It is an important step towards stability and it would be impossible to move forward in a desirable pace without asking such decisions,” the impersonator tweeted.

Not stopping at that he added, “As part of reorganization, we will be introducing bitcoin and Etherum as official payment methods,” he concluded by saying “it is one of the steps of moving forward as a company.”

All this time from a parallel angle was Elon Musk a business magnate investor as well as engineer foundered lead SpaceX, the real twitter handle owner was busy jolting down some poetic words on Thursday’s late hours for his followers. Luckily, he could see what was going on and he was yet to reply to the impersonators item.

In response, Elon musk tweeted “I want to know who is running the etherum scamboots mad skills”. With full expectation of what was forth coming, Elon’s followers raised concern and they were “report this account, already stealing from people’s bitcoins,” wrote one user. “How did it get verified?” asked another.

Feeling that this may cause an inferno, twitter took responsibility and immediately replied to Elon saying that they were working on ways of bringing the issue under control.

“We are aware of this form of manipulation and are proactively implementing a number of signals to prevent these types of accounts from engaging with others in a deceptive manner,” the verge reported quoting the statement.

This is happening at a time when numerous people have this month reported receiving messages that includes a password that they used in the past and the sender claims to have hacked the target’s webcam to record those watching porn and doing nasty things. The link to make it worse penetrates its content to all the victims’ social media sites and shares the content. Cyber security experts say hackers were able to make a big bang for their bucks, despite exerting minimal efforts.