Huobi Expands Its Presence in the US Market through Adding Its Partner into Its Wings

Through rebranding the fourth largest crypto exchange per trading volume, Huobi has just increased its global footprint through a rebranding process between Huobi and HBUS Holdco Inc. the latter was based in San Francisco USA.

Through a press release, Huobi announced the ending of its partnership with HBUS and the opening up of a new door for its firm. With the rebranding already underway HBUS will shed off its old domain address and become Huobi.com. But for Huobi Global its domain address will remain the same hbg.com. Trading operations will continues as usually with former HBUS Holdco users having to content will accessing the platform via the new domain address. When the final process concerning the rebranding procedure is done, business will resume usually. But for HBUS they are in for a treat. Huobi brings in years of experience as a leading crypto exchange. Through the partnership, they will benefit enormously from the technology, security and years of expertise in the cryptocurrency sector.

“Huobi is a leading firm in the crypto sector, especially in Asia. They are a powerful brand in the digital asset sector with their names representing dependability, flexibility, and security.” Frank Fu HBUS CEO “Through the partnership, we will be taking advantage of Huobi expertise and propel the platform to match with Huobi excellence.”

The rebranding comes With Gifts for Traders

Through a press release, HBUS announced its offering promotions for new users in form of discounts and rebates available for all users. Besides that, HBUS is working extra hard to attract new traders through offering lower fees and other benefits.

Huobi is Achieving its Expansion Dream

Although Huobi had to walk out of the Chinese market, it didn’t hold back on its expansion plan. Within 2018 Huobi settled in Singapore set up its main offices and proceeded to open up other subsidiaries to handle businesses in various regions. And the success of the subsidiaries is evident in last year’s turnover exceeding the $1 trillion mark. Some of the offices set up in 2018 include Huobi London’s office, purchase of stocks from BitTrade and in a firm listed at Hong Kong Stock Exchange, setting up a crypto trading platform in Australia, and also setting up an office through its subsidiary to handle business operations in Japan and Hong Kong. With Huobi continuing to expand it will likely surpass other players and dominate the sector.