How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Without ID Verification

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Without ID Verification

The Bitcoin network, being peer-to-peer network, tries to eliminate the participation of third parties such as banks or other financial institutions and provide its users with privacy and independency. The transactions with Bitcoin are usually anonymous and finding a source of a transaction is often rather challenging. However, many people face the issue of anonymity while dealing with Bitcoins due to certain rules and regulations.

For instance, many Bitcoin exchange platforms require from their users a verification process which includes sending them the copies of IDs, proof of residence etc. (the requirements vary from website to website). However, in this article we want to discuss and provide our readers with the list of those methods that enable people buying bitcoins anonymously without ID verification.


If you want to buy bitcoin without an ID verification then Coinmama may be a good option for you. However, please note that the limit for buying bitcoin without an ID is the first purchase of BTC worth $150. It is a good start to enter the crypto world and an opportunity to get to know the market much better. Another advantage of Coinmama is that it is supported in many countries, so you have higher chances of using this method.

Prepaid Card

Another method of buying bitcoins without ID verification and anonymously, is purchasing this cryptocoins through a prepaid card. This method is also among one of the easiest methods as all you need to do is buy a prepaid card from the nearest supermarket, shop or bookstand and go ahead and make your purchase on one of the exchange platforms that accepts this method of payment. Virwox accepts this method of payment, for example, and does not require any further verifications. You can buy bitcoins through this method of payment on already mentioned exchange platform Coinmama, PaxFul, LocalBitcoins and so on.

Use Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are not anyhow similar to ATMs that work with fiat currencies. These ATMs, are machines that enable people to exchange cash for Bitcoins. However, please not that as Bitcoin is a digital money you cannot cash it and that is why the ATMs will give you a paper receipt.

Some of the ATMs will have an intensive process of buying, and they may even ask you to scan your palm print.

However, most of the Bitcoins ATMs are not concerned with your identification, as they are the buy and go stations if you want to get some Bitcoins anonymously. The man issue with buying Bitcoins through this method is the availability of bitcoin ATMs as they are not situated everywhere around the world.

Wall of Coins

The website Wall of Coins is peer to peer exchange platform, but it makes use of SMS text codes for purposes of facilitating purchases. Here, you will not need an ID, but just your phone.

Also, the good thing about the Wall of Coins is that it can be used from all over the world. You may use it in

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Latvia
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Philippines


LocalBitcoins is another peer to peer exchange platform where buyers and dealers are making the whole process take place and LocalBitcoins as a platform does not have any participation in those trades. The verification process of LocalBitcoins for buying Bitcoins highly depends on the seller and weather that person requires you to get verified or not. In other words, you may find sellers who do not want you to get verified and make your payments through one of the many methods of payment.


BitfiNex lets users forego ID verification in case the user simply relies on the crypto deposits. BitfiNex being one of the largest centralized exchanges, available worldwide, however, BitfiNex is restricted for the US traders. It is well known for its anonymous accounts and the overall support of anonymity. You just need to provide an email address which again does not have to be created with your real name.


Changelly is another decentralized exchange platform. Such means that you do not need to have an account to use the platform. You will just have to configure the trade you want to make, and Changelly will provide it to you. However, you need to have other cryptocurrencies (that are supported by Changelly) to be able to buy Bitcoin without ID verification.


Shapeshift works in the same way as Changelly does. You will be given an address, and you will be required to send the crypto to the address of the person you are trading your altcoins for Bitcoin with. This is a very fast and easy method of buying bitcoins anonymously and without ID verifications.

Disadvantages of Decentralized Exchanges

Some decentralized exchange platforms do not have very good customer support centers and it may take a while until they get back to the customers who need their help. The main reason behind this issue is the large number of user that the platforms have hard time handling. Some platforms such as Changelly and Shapeshift provide the users who contact customer support with ticket backlogs so that they will eventually resolve the problems.

Now you have enough options

At first glance, it may seem that the process of buying bitcoins is complicated and shady but in reality it is not true. As discussed, you can follow several routes when you want to purchase Bitcoins anonymously without having to verify using your ID.  There may be some restrictions on buyers who want to avoid ID verifications, however, it is doable. The websites, machines, and the tricks that we have provided you with in the list above should make the overall process for you much smoother and a lot clearer. We hope that the overall process makes more sense now.