Greek Court Is Violating My Client’s Rights Says Vinnik Attorney

Greek Court Is Violating My Client’s Rights Says Vinnik Attorney

In Greek prisons seats the main suspect in a bitcoin money laundering scheme that saw him launder $4 to 9 billion but according to his lawyer, his rights are been violated.

The case against Alexander Vinnik’s extradition had to be postponed after his lawyers claimed the Greeks court is violating his client’s rights.

“You are violating my client’s rights,” Zoe Konstantopoulou Mr. Alexander legal counsel “My client hasn’t received the official translation from the French as requested on November 17. Furthermore, the documents in question has not even been translated into Russian a language he is conversant in. Moreover, the documents have no seals and signatures.”

Konstantopoulou aired her sentiments about his client’s right been violate during the hearing of Vinnik extradition case to France. Besides France, Russia is also seeking the courts to extradite Vinnik. Furthermore, according to news outlet Tass, the Greeks are pressing criminal charges against Vinnik. According to Konstantopoulou Vinnik advocate, the Greek courts are doing this because he is a Russian citizen. She explained further and said,

“Where it Vinnik was an EU or Greek citizen, his rights wouldn’t be violated by the courts.”

To arrive at this current situation, Vinnik was extradited to Greece per the US request on July 25, 2017. In the US he is accused of laundering 4 to 9 billion US dollars through the now defector BTC-e platform a virtual currency trading platform. Furthermore, a Grand Jury from the Northern District of California had charged Vinnik with money laundering charges linked to crime and operation of a money service business without a license. With the charges in place, the Department of Justice (DOJ) got a warrant issued against Vinnik leading to his detention in Greece.

Moreover, according to the DOJ Vinnik was the perpetrator of the Mt. Gox hack which led to him getting funds in question. To launder the money Vinnik used several online exchanges including Tradehill exchange which was based in San Francisco together with his exchange Btc-e.

Although according to Tass news outlet Vinnik confessed to the allegations of money laundering charges on May 24, 2018, his current extradition case in Greece was postponed to November 29. His signed confession is in the hands of the Russian authorities in Ostankino district Moscow.

Apart from the court violating his rights, Greek police had to assign a special security detail to protect him in prison after they discovered an assassination attempt set in motion to kill him.