Free Talk Live Broadcast Show Raises $80k in Crypto for an Orphanage in Uganda

While crypto is disrupting the financial sector, its easy way of making transactions is enabling people from across the globe to support the needy anywhere in the world. This was evident in a Free Talk live broadcast show where $80,000 was raised in crypto to fund the construction of an orphanage in Uganda.

On the 25th of March 2019 a live show involving listeners, several entities and show host Mark Edge managed to raise $45,000 in crypto for construction and another $35,000 to buy land for an orphanage in Uganda. Among entities that participated in the fundraiser include Shire Free Church, Cell411 and Bitcoin.com. Through their efforts together with listeners from across the globe, $80,000 worth of funds in digital coins are available for the project. The Free Talk Live Friends show airs every day from 7 to 10 pm Eastern Time and is available in 200 radio stations.

Sending Funds

For the public, which consists of FTL listeners they were able to send in their contributions through FTL cryptocurrency tip jar. The latter support contributions in BCH, BTC and DASH, however, for donations in other coins Shapeshift was available. Through FTL initiative, $80,000 is now available for a small village in Uganda to help not only build but also own the land where the orphanage will be built. In anticipation of the construction, villagers made thousands of clay bricks to facilitate the development of the orphanage. Besides giving the orphans a place to live and stay, the orphanage will also act as the community centre for the villagers. Similarly, the orphanage will host a school to educate the kids while the surrounding land will help them plant some crops for economic value.

Apart from New Hampshire based radio station helping raise funds, across the border in Rwanda, Paxful mission pioneered a fundraiser and got over $100,000 worth of funds in virtual currency. Through their fundraiser dubbed #Builtwithbitcoin initiative, they got donations worth the above amount in Dash, LTC, ETH, BCH, and BTC. The funds raised helped built two schools with the last facility having a water well system, cafeteria, bathrooms stalls and six classrooms. While the two scenarios above depict how crypto has helped support projects miles away, it also shows the freedom crypto gives to the holders. With the above initiatives being a success, we are likely to see more coming up.