Ethereum Develops Cent Payments Via Communication System

Cent has developed a new Blockchain application that allows its clients to transact digital currency through communication system. The system generates exponential profits and accessible via a simple application.

Reporting on Wednesday, Cent CEO Max Brody told Coin Desk that you can just log on with an email, password and phone number without using MetaMask browser extension which turns Google chrome into an ethereum browser.

Amentum Capital reports, Steven Mckie a n investor in cent said that Cent provides a user friendly interface digital wallet for users to exchange token assets compared to  face book messenger using MetaMask .He added that the team aims at coming up with  an easier way of communication to utilize web3 which was a decentralized web.

Cent investor Jake Brukhman of CoinFund was impressed by the new development by telling CoinDesk that Cent has developed a long-term project and advised that people should come develop new concepts of digital financial systems that enable them to earn digital money.

Most authors are coming up with content on cryptocurrency applications to lure the investors from journalism network Civil to the XRP-powered platform Coil. Apart from Cent offering applications that are well protected against fraudulent activities, they are also providing services which are accessible to many people.

Cent uses peer to peer blockchain applications to reach many people as possible.  Example when a blogger is given an additional  dollar beyond the service worked  worth ether by the follower on their post, a quarter of the  crypto will go to the writer while the rest is divided to those who uploaded  already downloaded content.

Cent CTO Cameron Hejazi told CoinDesk that investors who invest large amount of money in the system get an additional amount of money which encourages its users to widely share the contents because the more they participate in it, the more they get gratuity.

Brody said that 3,000 users paid via chat with ether through Cent over the past one month. During that time Mckie being its leader was among the top 10 bloggers who had gained profit, earning $128-$399 generally. It meant that Cent had already gained popularity among its users.

Brody also added that those farmers who make food through internet and don’t earn well will benefit from Cent a lot.

Hejazi concluded that Cent is a wide spread system of transaction, that operates like photos, podcasts and video blogging. This improves the user experience and attracts services and opportunities in the social and financial system.