eSports ICO Review

eSports ICO Review

Esports is one of the latest ICOs to be added to the list of current ICOs. Their aim is to create the largest eSports portal, as they claim. They aim to be the first major and largest betting website for video gaming, and to see to it that eSports be classed as a sport along with conventional sport.

The below image is of their home page on their website.

The website seems quite professional, and responsive. It looks like it has been created professionally and is well done.

The website contains details on how to invest in the ICO, on the front page, and will also give a guide on how to set up an Ethereum wallet to invest.

1 Ethereum Token equals 240 ERT Tokens. The aim of the eSports ICO is to become an e sports gaming platform, on par with TV sport. The site also has the intention to offer coaching from professional players, as well.

They are located in Malta, which is quite a common site for this sort of operation.

They are aiming to promote eSport as a sport, and become the major betting site for this sort of play, which is currently seldom offered by any other betting outlet. This will help promote the idea of professional video gaming to also become a mainstream ‘sport’.

They have currently raised about 1 third of their needed tokens. The WHOIS data seems to not be under any kind of privacy protect, so it seems they are following it by the book.

The ability to place bets on users playing video games as a sport is going to be a novel platform and is quite unique. This is not something that has been attempted before, and it seems from the whitepaper, that they have researched this thoroughly.

They have a youtube video detailing on how to set up a wallet for the ICO tokens on MyEtherWallet.

This is one of those ICOs that seems to have a promising future, and it seems to have a dedicated goal in mind for a unique innovative idea, which is quite rare among many ‘ICO’ offerings out there.

Chances are, with many of the younger generation, popularity of eSports, and thus betting on eSports alongside conventional sport is a real possibility, and this is a unique idea to invest in.

As always, never invest more in an ICO than you can afford to lose, as even with the best intentions, projects can and do fail.