Entities Can Now Create Sub-Accounts at Binance Exchange

Entities Can Now Create Sub-Accounts at Binance Exchange

It’s yet another time that Binance has gone the extra mile of making its customers feel at home with its new features allowing entities to set up 200 sub-accounts and have control over them. Through its new features, institutional clients at Binance can set up 200 accounts and maintain control over the accounts. Through this new feature, Binance clients get access to improved asset auditing tools and managerial control.

Although the master account retains overall control of the sub-accounts, account holders can log in and out of their accounts independent. Besides providing account holders with an easy access to their accounts the latter feature also improves over security.

Master Account

As the sole control of the 200 sub-accounts master account holders have all the rights and can make a few settings for sub-accounts. First and foremost they can limit and grant sub-account holders access to their accounts to a certain level. Furthermore, they can control the movement of assets between the accounts freely at no extra cost. Moreover, they can view balances and all data in all accounts.


For sub-account holders, Binance has put in place an excellent dashboard which grants them access to the platform features easily. Furthermore, the sub-accounts come with APIs which come with a level of limitation. Besides that, the APIs enable account holders to make trades easily and at their pleasure. The account holders can also cancel orders. Similarly, they can delete or add their APIs and can even create a key for the APIs.

To make everyone have an easy access to their accounts, Binance has categorically designed the dashboard into tabs. The tabs are login history, transfer history, order management, asset management and lastly account management. Under each tab, users have access to various features that come with the accounts. At the login tab, users get access to all details concerning account holders accessing their accounts while the transfer history tab has details concerning all transactions. Further on users can browse through the trade/order history and also view open orders. To get an overview of your digital assets to go to the asset management tab.

Similarly right at the last tab master controllers can make transfers between linked accounts at no extra cost. On the last tab, account management users have access to a variety of features. Right at the last tab, they can reset passwords, or 2FA security feature can also modify information under ownership and working status.