Duke University to Get a Blockchain Incubation Lab through a Partnership with Citizen Reserve

As blockchain takes over brick and mortar systems already running in the world, it also leads to universities starting educative programs and incubation labs. In the spirit of equipping the next generation of blockchain developers, University of Duke has gone into a partnership with Citizen Reserve. Through the partnership, a blockchain incubation lab will be set up at the former’s premises together with an educative program.

Through the above, students over at Duke University will be equipped with not only tools but also the professionals to help guide them through their professional careers as developers. Students will explore opportunities in the blockchain sector by working on real blockchain projects. The incubation lab will also be used to hold events focusing on the blockchain industry.

“As a former Duke MBA student, it’s a pleasure I’m among the team spearheading the program over at Duke.” Yonathan Lapchik, chief innovation officer at Citizens Reserve. “With many industries exploring the technology behind blockchain to leverage its power in different sectors, it’s essential that educational institutions equip students with the knowledge, connections and skills to harness the power behind blockchain.”

On the other hand, the institution already has roots in the blockchain sector after the formation of a Duke blockchain Lab whose aim is to connect students to the professional space in the blockchain sector. The latter establishment was pioneered by finance professor Campbell Harvey from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Students lead the lab. Apart from being a professor at Duke, Harvey will also assume the roles of an advisor at the incubation lab. While expressing his views about the incubation lab, Harvey said;-

“It’s essential for the academic institutions to join hands with reputable firms and professionals in the blockchain sector. As for Duke University, we are looking forward to working with Citizens Reserve. Besides that, we have a proactive relationship with our various partners, and we are excited to give our students an opportunity to explore opportunities in the blockchain sector.”

Apart from spearheading the formation of the student’s blockchain lab, Harvey is also behind the creation of Innovation and Cryptoventures course. The latter was launched in 2014. Apart from just providing a conducive environment for students, the lab also comes with equipment such as mining rigs. Such tools go a long way in helping students do practicals while learning.