DMG Blockchain Hydroelectric Power Crypto Mining Plant Is Operational

DMG Blockchain Hydroelectric Power Crypto Mining Plant Is Operational

In a bid to achieve its goal of becoming the global leader when it comes to industrial scale crypto mining company DMG Blockchain Solution Inc. is inching closer to its goal. As of Thursday 8, 2018, DMG fired up its engines in its 27,000 square foot facility in Vancouver British Columbia.

With its plant in operation, DMG facility is the largest Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Facility in North America. Furthermore, the facility uses hydroelectric power which is in high supply in western Canada. In its facility, DMG will start with 60 megawatts although the facility can generate 80 megawatts at full capacity. The facility sits on a 34-acre piece of land in British Columbia Canada. DMG facility is operating independently it doesn’t affect the supply to the local community living around the facility. But if DMG plant was to supply the locals with power its substation could serve 50,000 homes.

Other Benefits of DMG Facility

To be able to bring its facility into operation DMG had to take one full year to complete the construction of the facility. Development also included putting up of the facility substation and constructing roads. Through the whole process, DMG was able to create jobs for the local community. In addition to the jobs, DMG facility will provide low-cost power to its clients who are using its MaaS crypto mining services. Similarly, through cheap power, the plants itself won’t incur extra power charges.

While commenting on its new venture, Dan Reitzik CEO of DMG said;

“Although the whole process was a huge undertaking for us we have the technical know-how because our executive team has been in the mining industry for quite some time. In addition to possessing the knowledge, we have connections with government and utility companies. Through their support, we have been able to pull this project off. Now we are proud owns of not only the largest Bitcoin mining plant in North America but also the most cost-efficient facility.”

Besides proving the MaaS mining services, DMG is also working with other industry players to develop a supply chain platform. Similarly, they also offer forensic and blockchain analytic services where they provide investigation services relating to Ethereum and Bitcoin concerning AML and KYC requirements.

While announcing the commissioning of its plant, DMG also announced Simon Padgett has stepped down as the company’s director.