Cryptocurrency is establishing its place in the English Premier League.

Cryptocurrency is establishing its place in the English Premier League.

On Monday, ETero Company signed a sponsorship deal with seven English Premier League clubs. The clubs involved in the feast table being Tottenham Hotspurs, Leicester City, Newcastle United, Southampton, Cardiff City, Brighton and Crystal Palace.

The Bitcoin interest in English football comes at a time when there is need to clean up counterfeit merchandising and clearing of ticket touting. This is according to a trading firm EToro. The bitcoin is to gain more since its coming in place of the sterling pound to take over the transfer market trading. Considering the transfer market being a multi-billion pound activity, the bitcoin is actively committing itself to provide efficient services.

This stings existent computer codes are coming in place to allow for decentralization. This would hence allow for transparency this is according to Iqbal Ghadam, UK managing director at ETero.

Considering football as of great global appeal, bitcoin is vesting its interest to the prominent English Premier League. The seven clubs are out for trial. The bitcoin company paid the clubs in terms of bitcoin with the aim of pulling other clubs for inclusion. The company further gave a free will to the clubs on what to do with the money.

Cryptocurrency companies are taking strides to stamp their brands on the league starting with talks with some high flying teams. The latest company is Poland based cryptocurrency that changed coin deal only last week to become a shirt sponsor for the Wolvermpton Wanderers club. This club was promoted from English Championship to the English Premier League.

Football is a popular sport with English premier league occupying a greater percentage in the chart hence has the widest reach. It has 212 territories and covers 4.7 people annually. This is the answer enough for crypto interest.

Interesting enough, it’s not a one hand activity; teams have shown interest and eagerness to establish a lasting partnership. Manchester united a club that finished third last season for instance, have official partners with a greater percentage, from credit cards to tractors.

Discussions with 70% of premier league clubs are ongoing. That aside, Barcelona and Argentine Lionel Messi already signed up to promote “blockchain phone” while Colombia’s James Rodriguez has launched his own cryptocurrency for a company he has interest in.

Tottenham is committed to technology and innovation” words by Fran Johns head of partnership at Tottenham.  Paul Barber, chief executive at brighton, said the project will help us better understand the true potential offered by blockchain.