Crypto Currency payments for real estates.

Crypto Currency payments for real estates.

Jim Merrion a man who works with Boulders County as a Real estate agent said that “Block chain and crypto currency really has the ability to change every aspect of real estate’s from titles, to lending, to brokerage itself.” He went further to say “This technology is finally mainstream enough in the real estate community. People are really talking about it and considering the implications and benefits.”

It is last year when bitcoin was able to reach the mainstream. This was from just around 1000 dollars it was able to reach 20,000 dollars by mid December. For this reason many raised their interest in investing in crypto currencies. In addition, there are those that have gained significant amount from their block chain venture.

According to Meinsner, this technology so to say is finally mainstream enough in the real estate community that people are talking about it and considering the implications and benefits. Merroin first vested his interest way back in 2012 in the Bitcoin as a way to test the efficiency of crypto technology. Only that he later sold his bitcoin way too early.

It’s a hurricane. Can’t and won’t be prevented by anybody. The Chinese crypto moguls are going after US real estate properties. This comes after China distanced itself from crypto related activities.

According to a report, “we are seeing that more people are willing to buy properties with crypto currencies because it’s getting easier to get their money out of the county using bitcoin, rather than establishing their money out of the county using business channels.

Crypto currency stands a chance of priority because over the past six months, there has been a boom number of real estate’s listings accepting or requesting crypto currency for payment. Some moreover are accepting bitcoin as payment.

In late January, Bitcoin real estate a website specializing in real estate listings and accepts crypto currency, told mercury news that it has nearly 400 homes listed on its website.

The use of crypto currency also opens up local markets such as real estates in Boulder County to a global pool of customers and investors.

“At the end of the day, there are people all over the world that you want to interact with,” Charles Hoskins said at a crypto currency conference in boulder earlier this month.

According to Allan Curtis who used to work for Inosphere and last year founded Radar Relay, a wallet-to-wallet crypto exchange tech company, “a lot of smart businesses people are using this technology to tackle really important things like real estates.”