Coinbase Unveils Its Visa Debit Card for Its UK and European Union Customers

Visa Debit Cards are an easy way of speeding your cash in banks without having to walk around with bundles of money when going shopping. For this reason, Coinbase exchange has now unveiled its Visa Debit Card to enable crypto enthusiasts who double up as their customers to have it easy when accessing their digital coins for day to day usage. Coinbase has partnered with Paysafe to facilitate the issuance of Coinbase cards.

Through Coinbase Card, one can easily withdraw his/her digital coins and proceed to spend it anywhere whether paying for coffee or meal, doing shopping, booking tickets and even buying groceries. The digital assets in your Coinbase exchange account will be converted into local fiat currency such as British pounds (GBP) to enable you the cardholder use your assets in digital form. The conversion of coins such as litecoin, ether, bitcoin, and many more supported virtual currencies will take place instantly and funds made available for use. Coinbase is the first exchange to provide these services in the UK and European region. In addition to the visa debit card uses, Coinbase cards also come with buy and sell features. Other such services were launched by Binance exchange sometime back. For Coinbase, the Visa debit cards will be issued at 5 pounds ($6.60) but to celebrate this milestone, Coinbase will issue the Coinbase cards for free to 1,000 people who sign-up on the waitlist. Coinbase Cards won’t attract any monthly fee.

An App Is Also Available

In a bid to help you manage your finances better, Coinbase has also released an app for Android and IOS users. Through the app, one can easily access spending categories, transaction summaries, and receipts immediately.  The app will also enable cardholders to set their desired crypto wallet for use. To facilitate all the above services, Coinbase e-money license in the UK will come in handy for the UK region. However, for the whole European region, Coinbase has set plans in motion to acquire an e-money license. Getting the European Union e-money will enable Coinbase to launch its services in other Europe Union states by mid-April. However, to cater to the coming Brexit, Coinbase has set up an office in Dublin.

Alongside Coinbase, 2gether also launched its prepaid Visa debit cards for its customers. For 2gether its card enables users to pay using several digital coins together with euros.