Coinbase Introduces a New Features on Its Platform

Coinbase Introduces a New Features on Its Platform

Knowing which cryptocurrency to invest in usually possess a challenge to new traders, but through Coinbase Bundle on Coinbase exchange it’s now easy.

Through its new feature Coinbase Bundle, both new and old traders will have it easy when looking to buy or sell crypto. Currently, the new features provide users with access to buy five cryptocurrencies in one bundle. Moreover, traders get to buy the virtual currencies based on the proportion of the current market value in fiat currency. Although there is no maximum limit set Coinbase Bundle prices start from lows of 25 Euros, Pounds or US dollars. With such a low amount many traders can buy their favourite cryptocurrency. The five supported virtual currencies are Ethereum Classic ETC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH and Bitcoin BTC.

Furthermore, Coinbase has made its platform user-friendly to ensure everyone is capable of navigation on the platform easily when they want to trade. Armed with your 25 Euros or Dollars, you can purchase any of the five cryptos. The coins are held separately in their specific Coinbase wallets to enable traders to send, receive, sell or buy any coins separately. The new services will be available in the coming weeks for users in UK, EU and US.

Learning Section

Alongside providing cryptocurrency bundles for users traders also get to learn about crypto acquire new skills that come in handy when trading. To put together all this information Coinbase used customer research results to develop the content. Moreover, the content was vetted by people unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to ensure the information gives traders’ confidence when making the right decisions concerning trading cryptocurrencies.

Apart from the learning section Coinbase went a step further and provided Coinbase assert page. Right at the assert page users can track the top 50 best performing cryptocurrencies based on their market cap. Although the asserts page may contain information about upcoming currencies that aren’t available in the market, the essence of the page is to give you information and links. You will find links to project websites and their white papers. In addition to links, users get access to relevant information such as the description of the cryptocurrency, current market cap, and histrionic trading data. The information is available to everyone to sharpen their knowledge concerning the crypto industry.

As the urge to learn more about the cryptocurrency industry rises sites with useful information such as Coinbase are the to go to platforms. Although the above details don’t cover the whole industry, Coinbase is working to add more helpful content to help crypto enthusiasts get acquitted with the industry.