BREAKING NEWS! – WARNING – MyBitcoinGold Wallet From Official BTG Site Has Stolen 150+ BTC.

We have been reading reports that The MyBitcoinGold wallet, at mybtgwallet.com touted to give users their BitcoinGold coins from their BTC private keys has been stealing BTC from these wallets. The wallet is listed on the official BTG site by the official Bitcoin Gold Developers.

The Bitcoin Gold launch has been quite shady, given the large premine and the private mining before releasing the chain to the public. Information about the thefts can be found in this thread  at bitcointalk. In a thread in the BitcoinTalk altcoins section, 60.7% of those feel it is a scam, as seen here.

Another report of this major heist is here. They are not likely to stop here, DO NOT GIVE YOUR BITCOIN PRIVATE KEYS OR SEED TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN A WELL KNOWN WALLET. Coinomi from the android store supports BTG, for example and is genuine.

There is also a fake coinomi site, masquerading as coinomiapp.com, which is also a scam and not the real coinomi website. You must always use vigilance, never invest what you cannot afford to lose, and avoid any coin as shady as Bitcoin Gold, it was obviously a pump/dump.

If you have given this site your seed or private keys which may have other coins on it, such as LTC or BCH, MOVE THE COINS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, FOR THE SEED IS COMPROMISED!!!!!