Bitnovo Adds Bitcoin Cash on Its List of Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitnovo Adds Bitcoin Cash on Its List of Supported Cryptocurrencies

Alongside other supported cryptocurrencies Bitnovo a debit card issuing company has announced the addition of Bitcoin Cash BCH to its platform. Bitcoin Cash now joins the leagues of other crypto supported by Bitnovo platform. The other virtual currencies accepted by Bitnovo as payment are Ethereum (ETH), DASH (DASH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Although Bitnova was started in 2015, it is making huge strides in the cryptocurrency industry by providing cardholders with a platform to swiftly convert fiat currency specifically Euros into cryptocurrency online. Bitcard gets rid of the middleman “banks” who used to carry out the conversation giving users access to their cash in quickly. On the other hand, N26 account holders are now a happy lot after Bitnovo added Bitcoin Cash to its supported currencies. Now N26 users can buy or sell crypto on its mobile-based platform and ripe from the benefits.

Uses of Bitcoin Cash

Furthermore, users on the two platforms can use Bitcoin Cash to pay for services from Bitnovo while on N26 platform they can also pay for other services. Similarly, Bitnovo also provides prepaid cards for streamlining gifting of digital assets, Bitcoin vouchers and supplies Bitcoin ATM’s across the world. Additionally through Bitnovo customers can also buy cards of small denominations from its company.

Besides Bitnovo other companies are also accepting virtual currency as payments for goods or services, one such company is Dish Network Satellite TV Service. Based in the US Dish Network Satellite TV Service is accepting payments in BCH for TV subscription services from its clients. Apart from the above several merchants are warming up to the idea of taking Bitcoin Cash as payment for different services they offer. Similarly, you can also deposit or withdraw cash from online casinos through Bitcoin cash.

Through the cards, users have easy access to their cash since they can change their Bitcoins into their corresponding legal tender associated with their debit card. This way users can count on their cash or debit cards at any given time and be able to pay for goods or services without any worries.

With users across several countries, Bitnovo can provide a platform that enables users to load up funds in Bitcoin cash easily on their N26 accounts or Bitcard and have access to paperless money. Apart from Bitcoin Cash Bitovo has also started accepting privacy token Verge as a payment option on its platform.