Bithumb Just Launched Its OTC Trading Desks

Through Ortus a Block Deal and Matchmaking Company it owns rights to Bithumb exchange can now provide trading services to the elite community of traders who make large volume trades. Ranked first by CoinMarketCa based on trading volume Bithumb is now steering another front that will propel its exchange to be the number one player in the crypto sector.

Through it’s over the counter trading desk on Ortus brand institutional investors across the globe will access several services that they need. But first of all, they have to create accounts at exchanges across the world before they enjoy Ortus services. Further on investors will have to comply with strict anti-money laundering and know your customer rules in place before they can dive in to take advantage of services available.

The Array of Services Available at the OTC Desk

Once the administrators give the institutions, the go-ahead they will be able to take advantage of several services in the trading desk. First and foremost they will be able to get support from several offices in place starting with the Australian office, America, Europe and finally Asian office. Further on traders will be able to leverage the competitive prices to their advantage from the largest liquidity providers and OTC desks across the globe. And when they are completing their transactions knowledgeable responsive and readily available Business Development Managers (BDM) will be at their disposal. The latter comes in handy at helping institutions sort issues during settlement and trade execution. Moreover, they are experts in various fields OTC trading desk, FX trading, investment banking, asset management, and legal. Apart from the above through Bithumb OTC trading desk, institutional investors can monitor the movement of funds from insured US bank accounts to custodian wallets with ease.

Other Firms with OTC Desks

While Bithumb Global is the new kid in the OTC sector, there are other firms which have been running OTC platforms. For US clients they are a lucky lot since two firms are providing OTC trading desks Bittrex and Coinbase. On the other hand, Binance exchange has an OTC trading desk up and running, and Japanese traders will now be able to make their large volume transactions through SBI Holding OTC desk. From whichever trading desk an investor uses their direct crypto transactions are secure through any of the over the counter trading desks. The firms providing these services are reputable players in the cryptocurrency sector.