Betbase.io – Start your own Bitcoin casino now!

Betbase.io – Start your own Bitcoin casino now!

Betbase.io is a novel new platform that will allow anyone with the interest in starting their own Bitcoin casino to do so without any cost or programming knowledge! They have all the scripts, a socket based API, a shared bankroll so there is not a need to ‘invest’. They have a mechanism which means any of the games on their platform are provably fair.

Every bet placed against their servers is processed using their own bankroll / hot wallet so you the casino owner gets paid for each bet made, no matter if the customer wins or loses the bet. For every bet placed you get paid 50% the house edge of the bet. If the house edge is 1 percent for example, with the player betting 1 BTC, you get paid 0.005 BTC for the bet no matter if it is win or lose. This removes a great deal of risk from the casino owner.

Some important facts

In just 5 days betbase has:
– 51 casinos
– 425 Users
– 10,334 bets operated

Their team has good experience developing Bitcoin casinos, having started doing so in 2013. CoinDice is an example which uses scripts they made. They have learned much about security over the years so your casino will have very good security.

Betbase is owned by shareholders, so if you invest you will receive dividends every month. The ICO started on November 27th 2016 and will continue until December 18th, 2016. As of November 30th, they have 51 casinos, 425 users, and over 10,334 bets placed. You do not even need to invest coins for the bankroll for your new casino, as Betbase shoulders the risk.

You only need one account for multiple casinos, and two click login system which they have enables you to log in quickly and securely to any casino using the Betbase platform!

Se one of Live casino and you can play and enjoy and see all thing how that works

BetByBitcoin Casino


The provably fair technology which is in use is common across the Bitcoin casino industry, generating the random result from a seed on the server and on your machine, and your machine is sent the result of the game just before it happens as a sha256 hash, which you can check after the game to ensure that it matches, proving the fairness of the game.

So, if you have had a dream of owning your own Bitcoin casino, now you can do it here, with no coding skills required! The ICO is open to investors until December 18th, 2016. To invest in the ICO, go to: ico.betbase.io, or to use their service go to betbase.io and click get started, you will then be able to sign up an account and start creating your casino!