BeeSocials ICO Review

BeeSocials is another ICO Platform which is aimed to be the ‘AirBnB’ of events. This is aimed to have an AirBnB style system to be able to host events, where the guests can pay for the event through the platform. It is aimed at making sharing information about hosted events such as parties, festivals and concerts etc much easier.

A key objective of this venture is to enable users to find events in their current area using Geo-Location via the beesocial mobile application.

To start with, like most ICO’s, it is worth checking the trustworthiness of the ICO. We  searched information on the CEO, which checked out as valid.

Hamir Modhwadia is the founder and CEO, with an education at the University Of Nottingham. We have validated he is the CEO of BeeSocial International Limited here. As you can see on the UK companies house, it is a legit company. So be sure you are dealing with BeeSocial international when investing in the company, by using their official site.

The site looks professional enough, and is well-written and informative. Their whitepaper details the key points in detail of the platform. It is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Croatian.

The application is intended to work via GeoLocation, not unlike other applications of it’s type, however this is one of the first applications of it’s kind for events, and will enable both small and large event hosts to find guests, and guests find the events. It can be as small as a house party to as large as a festival.

The diagram of how it’s system will work seems well thought out, as shown below.

The aim of the platform is to enable small time hosts and larger ones to be able to promote events easily, which is a positive concept. The BEE token, which uses the Ethereum Platform, is the only token which will be accepted, enabling use world-wide with the security of the Ethereum blockchain.

A potential user will open up the app and will be able to find events in the area. They are also protected in the event the event is not as advertised, and there is also liability insurance included which is a key sign of a soundly running operation, so users using the application are fully protected and users can get their money back if an event is not as advertised.

This makes it much safer than many event platforms, where often there is little protection if the event is not as advertised. The application is also useful for travellers and people new to an area who may not know about events, and can find information about events they may want to visit quickly and easily.

Events will also be tailored to the interests of specific users, and events can be hosted in multiple categories. This will change the travelling event-goer as we know it, no more painstaking searching for events you wish to go to, even if you are unfamiliar with an area, this will make it easy to find something to suit every taste.

BeeSocials have an active Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter social media feed. This is a positive move for the ICO, and it seems like the application has been well thought out. It is often difficult for small party or events hosts to get coverage, so an application like this is a positive step forward, and could be used for any events in particular.

The presale will start on November 25th, 2017, with a 25% bonus for those who get in within the first seven days. The project has been long in the making, and therefore, despite the initial misgivings with private WHOIS data, the ICO seems promising, and is innovative. The tokens cost 1 ETH for 1,000 BEE tokens, with a funding goal of 20,000 ETH.

We would advise you do your research, and see if it is worth you personally investing, as it seems a promising venture, and is a unique platform that will give small events hosts the chance to be heard and have their events promoted.

With Confido running off with $341,000 of investors funds, which you can see here, That is a real risk when ICOs are hiding key information about themselves, due to the nature of cryptocurrency; be very careful, and do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

This company, however seems to check out as valid and safe to invest in, and is a registered limited company in the UK, so is one of those investments which are much less risky than many ICOs, which often have no backing or even registration in any legal sense. If you have spare money to invest in an ICO, this is one of those few we would recommend investing in.

The platform is innovative and as it is a registered UK company, it would be great if the application takes off as it could change how events are hosted, as we know it, with an easy to use Geo-location platform for event hosts and users alike, with more security for both the host and the guest.

With the 25% bonus during the first seven days of the presale, do not miss out if this ICO interests you.